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Progressive Judaism – what is it?

  • A living, open, and committed Judaism, which can survive into the future and which has meaning for Jews living in today’s world.
  • Striving to both preserve and at the same time develop Jewish traditions through the use of both Hebrew and Swedish in progressive religious services.
  • Committed to the equality of men and women while participating in religious services and in all other aspects of Jewish life.
  • While the Jewish religion and Jewish traditions are the foundations to our common inheritance, diversity is considered an asset and each individual has the freedom to decide for themselves what position to take on issues of faith and to what degree Jewish law (halacha) influences their personal life.
  • Dedicated to the principle of inclusion - of all Jews whether they are Jews-by-choice, involved in interfaith marriages, born to a Jewish father or gay.
  • A Jewish identity rooted Jewish tradition and embracing modern Jewish culture.

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