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Progressive Judaism in Stockholm

Progressive Judaism in Stockholm is a non-profit and politically independent association whose goal is to offer the Stockholm Jewish community a Progressive/Reform alternative to the two other branches that already exist in the Stockholm area. By organizing religious services, discussion groups, holiday celebrations and other activities, PJS strives to promote and develop Jewish life and traditions in the Swedish society

PJS was founded in spring 2005 to satisfy the need of a progressive/reform Jewish alternative in the Stockholm area. So far, the association has a network of about 50 supporters/members and is a part of the world-wide Progressive movement.

Since autumn 2005, PJS has been conducting Saturday morning services, once a month in the Sessionssal in the Jewish Community building.

Kabalat Shabbat services are held several times each season on Friday evenings, often with potluck style dinners.

PJS uses its own prayer book with texts in Hebrew, transliteration, Swedish, and English. Compared with services in Stockholm’s Great Synagogue, our progressive services are a bit shorter and strive to incorporate a lot more Swedish in the service. Because our prayer book also contains English translations of texts, that language can also be heard from time to time, especially when we have visiting Rabbis from England or elsewhere. It goes without saying that our services are completely egalitarian.

Progressive Judaism in Stockholm is a member of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the branch of Judaism with the largest number of members world-wide.

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