Progressiv Judendom's bar and bat mitzvah program

PJS has had bar and bat mitzvah celebrations throughout the last 16 years. This year, however, PJS has introduced a new bar and bat mitzvah program which uses an especially chosen curriculum from the US. The newly launched program aims to be both challenging and embody Progressive values. The new cohort of students of the program named it Mitsva Power.

In Mitsva Power, students meet once a week for two hours. During this time, students participate in a short service, Hebrew lesson and Jewish studies. The Hebrew lessons use the curriculum Mitkadem. This curriculum develops reading skills and ritual vocabulary. Lessons on Jewish studies are based on the curriculum Chai which explores key values and principles of Torah, worship, and Gemilut Chasadim, with focus on building Jewish identity and community. You can read more about the Mitkadem and Chai curriculum on the Behrman House website (

In addition to the weekly meetings, all students complete a project on Tikun Olam which emphasizes actively making our world a better place, whether the focus is environmental, cultural or economical.

Since many of the families of the students have family members or close family relations that are not Jewish, the program also includes a project that addresses the student’s Jewish identity in a culturally and religiously diverse context.

All instruction is in Swedish.

Some of the activities of Mitsva Power are planned as joint-activities with Församlingens Bnei Mitzvah program. The program currently has 10 students and is looking to expand its capacity soon.

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